Toddler activity: Matching shape, size and colour recognition activity using 3D cylindrical blocks.

Matching according to two attributes – colour and size

Matching and classification to develop early geometry learning skill in toddlers.

If you have a preschooler who attends school, you may notice that there are many activities on matching. That’s because matching is an important skill for toddlers to learn how to classify items and identify relationships between them. It is also a foundational math skill which helps them identify properties of objects that are the same. Coupled with using 3D blocks, it becomes a powerful skill set which is essential for early geometry learning.

My 2nd child was a little under 2 years old when he first tried this activity. Identifying colours was fine for him and is generally so for kids in his age group. For the size discrimination, he self-corrected several times before matching correctly. After which, it gets more challenging stacking the cylindrical blocks in order according to the colours shown (swipe left to the end), which is great in helping him in his cognitive development.

A more challenging task – multi stacking

The items were really inexpensive (I bought them from Shopee) but I just wish the pieces were bigger though. I had to supervise him really closely as the smaller parts can be a choking hazard. Other than that, love it!

Let me know if you tried this out with your little ones or have something similar. I would love to know how your activity went with your little one. 🙂

Cheering you on,

Shiella A.

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