7 Practical and Doable Self Care Ideas for Very Busy Moms

Read a book, start a hobby, watch a movie – these are great activities to practise self care but it’s easier said than done for busy momma’s like us! With our busy and super packed schedule, I’ve compiled a list of ideas below (I actually practise them and it works!) that are integrated into your busy mum life so that you take care of yourself a little more and find simple joys in your busy everyday motherhood journey.

1) Prepare a tumbler of hot or iced beverage first thing and drink it throughout the morning.

One of the first morning routine for me is to make myself iced milk tea in my favourite tumbler and sip it throughout the morning. This is before the morning madness begins. You will feel more awake and replenished.

2) Shower and get ready for the day by looking good!

Make an effort to tie your hair neatly, wear make up, dress up (don’t stay in your pajamas!) so that you feel ready to start your day and live a life of purpose.

3) Prepare a fruit-infused water in a bottle for mid-day energy.

Hydrate throughout the day by drinking from a tumbler, and adding just fresh lemon slices or take it a few steps further with strawberries, blueberries and chia seeds for that added nutrients!

4) Invoke your senses by switching on your favourite diffuser

Make your home smell good by using a good quality diffuser with your favourite essential oil. For days when you somehow feel more irritable, add lavender essential oil for the calm. If your nose is sniffy, throw in some peppermint essential oil to the mix. Having a nice-smelling space makes a world of difference.

5) Nap with the kids

When your kids sleep, you should get some rest and sleep too! Practice and insist on making your kids sleep together at the same time and make it a routine. This is absolutely necessary as their midday rest gives you time to breathe and catch up. Encouraging your kids to have their nap time also has many benefits when it comes to their physical and mental development. When you finally get your alone time but you’re too excited to sleep, feel free to use that extra time for your precious me-time.

6) Exercise with your kids!

While your children run around or hit the playground, be sure to get into your exercise gears too and sneak in some stretches while watching the kids!

7) Journal and plan at night for 20-30mins

Plan the blueprints for the next day so that you feel more prepared to take on tomorrow. Have a page to “brain dump“ and remove the mental load and anxieties that mummies always have. Practise journaling for self-care, review your aspirations and pour out your feelings into your writing to feel good. If you have a kindergarten or primary school going kids, make this a nightly affair that you can do with your child. It’s never too young for them to start journaling too! It’ll make a great down-time or a night routine for you and your children.

Hope you find these ideas useful! Your everyday to-do list and habit routine must always include some self care activities. Always remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup!

Always cheering you on,

Shiella A.

This post contains affiliate links, and I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. See my disclosure here.

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