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  • Easiest way to use 3-part cards
    Hey ladies (or anyone who’d find this useful), as promised here’s a look at how I use this Montessori-inspired 3-part cards with my kids. I would like to highlight that this is my version of how I use the cards with my children, which may be different from the methods out there. I prefer a more discussive approach with my kids and they like it when I relate it to their experiences. There is no right or wrong way – use the cards in the best way you can with your child and what matters is their interest is sustained and they enjoy the activity. 😍
  • Toddler activity: Matching shape, size and colour recognition activity using 3D cylindrical blocks.
    Matching and classification to develop early geometry learning skill in toddlers. If you have a preschooler who attends school, you may notice that there are many activities on matching. That’s because matching is an important skill for toddlers to learn how to classify items and identify relationships between them. It is also a foundational math […]